Average cost to build a custom house 

Average cost to build a 3,000 square foot custom house without building lot in Northwest Arkansas.  The cost of construction can greatly vary, design, slope of building lot, aminiities have the greatest effect on overall cost. Average cost to build a 3,000 square foot two story custom house, nice finish custom cabinets, granite, lots wood floors,  

 on a flat lot is $95 per square foot.  The price can be higher or lower. When preparing to build a custom home, it’s best to start with budget and design to the budget. John Easterling Construction builds custom homes in Northwest Arkansas 10% above cost. At John Easterling Construction we offer customers design build process. We design your house custom house to your budget and specifications. Have questions or would like to talk about building a custom home in Northwest Arkansas call John today 479-879-6440

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