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John Easterling Construction

Northwest Arkansas Home Builder and General Contractor, John Easterling Construction

Building an Indoor Pool

Are you considering building an indoor pool?

This incredible indoor pool house add on was designed by John Easterling, third generation home builder and general contractor of Northwest Arkansas.

A vaulted tongue and groove design was used for the ceiling of this space and the walls included a variety’s of natural materials like exposed stone, wood, and sheet metal. This design gave this pool house a warm and zen-like feeling with its range of natural & organic colors and textures.

The structure of this beautiful Bentonville, Arkansas home allowed for a rectangular shaped pool house to connect to the side of the home perfectly. Multiple windows were installed into the pool house construction giving this pool as much natural light as possible while giving the place a very attractive look both inside and outside.

More features of this pool house included a fireplace, entertainment area, bathroom, shower, and electric sauna.

Bentonville, Arkansas is such a wonderful and comfortable area to reside. John Easterling Construction has been servicing Northwest Arkansas for 3 generations and specializes in a wide variety of designs and plans. For inquiries on a custom home or revisions on a current construction contact or visit the website

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